Costa Coffee Opens In Robinsons Galleria

Thursday, May 11, 2017

It looks like the Ortigas Business district is about to get even better as the irresistable London brand Costa Coffee has opened up shop at the Robinsons Galleria in Pasig City. True enough, they opened up with a bang as their expert baristas whipped up several coffee concoctions so you could all taste London Roastery flavors right here in th Philippines. We''ve been in the BGC and Eastwood branch in the past and everyone has been raving about their Flat White and with good gusto I am too, as it's not just pretty but one of the nicest cups I've ever had in my life. I guess the secret is the Cortissimo which was explained to me as the perfect plaform to make latte art as you can see :)

They also have other things on the menu such as Capuccino, Latte, Cafe Caramella, Mocha and Ice Blended Frostino which are all best sellers. They also have fruit blends and I like the Lychee Blossom the most, though you could order the Watermelon Rose, Hibiscus Strawberry Cooler which would still hose you down in this hot summer weather.

The wraps are phenomenal, they have it in different savory flavors and if I were to choose the best, we need another article for that haha!

The Croissants are also good, pair them with coffee because the last thing you would want to happen is a lack of water, as it's flaky and cause that.

I had the Bacon with Cheese sandwich and it was SUPER Phenomenal! I had about 3 slices of it but don't tell people as I'm on a diet.

For Diabetics, don't worry as they also have Sugar Free cake, which I tasted that afternoon and I must tell you, it's not that bad at all.

They also have savory dishes, carrot cakes and New York Cheesecakes available so if you are hungry, this coffee shop can still satisfy you for lunch and dinner.

The pies are good too, it's tangy and sweet which would qualify as desserts right?

There are more things in the store that would make you happy especially the tumblers that you can take home (for a fee of course!). I will definitely make this my hangout when I'm around Ortigas because they have wifi too. I would gladly stay around a few hours, and the whole place is Londonesque so it's Instagram worthy. Have a cup today!

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