Now I am Craving for Scand Can Cook!

Monday, September 29, 2008

I enjoy watching cooking shows, yeah you know some of them but this one I'm telling you about is "Scand Can Cook"... since we have cable TV it's easily accessible for me.. but for others who just tune in to regular free TV I guess they should read why I like this stuff...

Tina Nordström is your host and chef in the next season of New Scandinavian Cooking. The charming Tina is by far Sweden’s most celebrated TV-chef. She has built up a big audience in Sweden, Denmark and Norway and her cookbooks have become enormously popular. Get ready for Tina Nordström!

For starters, I read that Scandinavia is a group of Nordic Countries that are geographically situated together. Norway, Sweden and Denmark, with some sources also including the nations of Finland and Iceland consists this group. They however do not have a mark in world cuisine like the French, Americans and Chinese do. Much like Filipino dishes that is starting to tap the world market, Scandinavian cooking is already gaining popularity and how I wish I could get to taste some of the things Tina Nordstrom made on the cooking show... I especially like the way she prepares things, its so simple. Sometimes there are even odd things on the menu... but really they look scrumptious... (maybe I'm just writing again because of hunger!) aaaarghh!

Vodka marinated Sirloin!

Ohhh! The meatballs and potatoes! Yum-o!

They had so many cheeses and just have them marinated in vodka, other alcohols and a couple of spices... geeze... I'm a cheese lover... even those which are not that popular in the Philippines... I like bleu cheese a lot... I know it tastes funky and strong but it's an acquired taste.. now I am addicted to it... I have them on salads, breads and even pizza!

(-_-)" Oh well, I maybe really hungry... lolz... guess I'll have to satisfy myself here with mah cup of tea... I can't eat coz I ate too much pasta earlier and I need to work out later after shift... dang! How can I get thinner if these things always get into mah head... well its a good thing I bought myself a new gymbag... nothing fancy but fits the purpose of getting all my stuff in one pack!

Maybe later I'll stop craving for stuff and get serious working out... lolz... Lord, if I don't get thinner... I hope my friends and everyone else gets fatter! nyahahah!



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