Britney Spears and RUMORS about her VMA wild turkey surprise! ^_^

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Britney Spears and all that teeth! LoLZ! ^_^

Hello! ^_^ Now before I start I would just like you to know that I AIN'T A BRITNEY FAN... I'm not against her or anything... and I'm not a detractor also. Just so you know Lolz..

Well, rumors were spreading that Britney was performing for this year's VMA's... but that really proved to be just a rumor... Talent manager/producer Larry Rudolph, who is working with Britney, tells E! Online news: "She is definitely not performing!"

I just thought you oughtta know coz everybody thinks she is going to recover from that last dance she did where she didn't know wth she was doing... lip sync and failed dance choreography and all that JAZZ!

The video that was circulating thru youtube was just a general dance rehearsal as Britney gets back in shape for performances in the near future.But then again, it would be a BIG BIG surprise if she did perform secretly right? I'm sure they'd wanna do that. ^_^


Anonymous said...

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Kassiopea. said...

Britney is the best!! Pop Princess.

Kassiopea. said...

Britney is the best!! Pop Princess.