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Sunday, September 21, 2008


It has been long known in the fashion industry that a couple of brands and designers only stand out. Have you watched the latest America's, Canada's or Philippines Next Top model? All of them wear much of the same thing.. . the same indulgence every fashionable woman gets in her Lingerie... its either John Galliano, La Perla, Bebaroque, Carla Jones Design, Chantelle, Christian Lacroix, Fifi Chachnil, Damaris, Elle Macpherson, Lejaby, Lepel, Love by Susie, Madame V, Made by Niki, Marie Jo, Stella McCartney, Ted Baker... you thought I didn't have it in me to know these things coz I'm a guy right? You are wrong coz I got pointers from the most fashionable person I know... my wifey... I'm not a blind shooter when it comes to these things... and its rare that I have no say in this department.. believe me I do!

I got information also that the most fashionable Lingerie exists from London, Paris, Milan and New York Fashion week. They carry hundreds but only these names continue to be applauded in the runways of the most reputable Designer Lingerie houses. This is one fact that cannot be denied.

In the Lingerie department, my wife suggests must haves for women. I suggest you follow her advice in the newest styles; In Norse mythology, Freya is a goddess of love and fertility, and the most beautiful and propitious of the goddesses. Its personified simply in Freya Lingerie which is hailed one of the best in the world. The perfect two-pieces awash in brilliant hues and so many see worthy details. Their lines consist of beachy, bright and right on trend. You definitely would be declared fashionista at most while wearing these. Fayreform on the other hand does glamorous suits and lingeries with dramatic touches of the sand and the sea. Suit up for Fayreform Lingerie and have glamorous styling in sexy supportive shapes, maximum lift and cleavage, coverage wherever and whenever needed. Designer underwear, bra, knicker , french knicker, they all have that at Boudiche. The line would give you simple Lingerie freedom to have the allurance of a two piece with the comfort of a one piece suit. You can take your pick and have your options of course!

In the UK I'd strongly recommend Kiki De Montparnasse from NYC, Undrest from LA, both available at Boudiche and their online store. Growth in the plus cup size market and emergence of new brands in the D+ cup sizes are now available so everybody can have their perfect share. UK brands now offering more D+ cup sizes, i.e. Fleur T stocked at Boudiche, to a GG cup size. So demand for cup sized swimwear, and readily available online at Boudiche!

Now how about that for an opinion from a guy?! I'm sure you'll think of these the next time you purchase the next set of Lingerie.


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