Disney Bingo in the comfort of your home

Sunday, September 28, 2008

In the Philippines you can always see people play bingo. Yes the capital B I N G O that is played by kids, housewives, ordinary people you see in the streets of Manila trying their best to let time pass by. These are times enjoyed with friends. I played it a lot when I was a kid; going to fairs we call "PERYA'S"/Fairs here in QC. It’s either that, or the infamous Color game, spin the wheel, or the game where you throw 25 cents to small square boxes and win a glass, plate, chips or toy from China. Those bring the memories. It makes me smile every time I remember that.

BINGO is this popular in the Philippines... everyone plays it!

If you go thru Manila and its side streets, in every big or small town it never pays to see people and the community get together and see them entertain themselves a few hours with this game. Earning a buck or two was normal. I sometimes do this too even up till today. Most charity institutions even play this game so they could come up with their funds. GOBINGO, a popular local TV game also is one thing you should also see. I know the host personally and he's a good chum. Millions of Filipinos play this game as you may understand; not just a fad but it’s a lifestyle.

Arnelli as most people call him hosts GOBINGO! You should try this!

Now who says you only can play this outside right? Times have changed and a company recently launched "Screenlife Games' Disney Bingo DVD game". Now you can play this game at the comfort of your own home! Disney Bingo a very popular game in the US is now available worldwide! Kids, adults and everyone can now buy this game without the hassle of staying in the streets! You can simply invite friends over to your house and play it at anytime of the day... yeah it’s really this convenient already! No more staying under the scorching heat. Try the best and check out this video... you'll know what I mean! :

Aren't you glad I told you about it? Go grab that "Screenlife Games' Disney Bingo DVD game" and you'll really enjoy it!



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