Friday, September 19, 2008

I was thinking "She's Jean Grey right?! and all the cars would just fly!"

Just fresh from watching this scary movie... and by golly wow it was really scary... I got so scared sometimes I had to cuddle and hold my wifey's hand too hard. But we just ate so I didn't move that much lolz... ^_^

It's all about this Jean Grey girl above that killed his husband out of self defense... she ended in jail... was taken to house arrest and was only allowed to be 100ft away from the house. Little did she know the husband he killed became a ghost and haunted her for days... nobody believed her of course so she tried to take matters in her own hand...

I wouldn't want to spoil and tell you the story so I'll stop there... anyway it was really scary! But then again I don't like scary films.... so I did not like this at all... It was a nice enough effort... it was something like "Patayin sa sindak si Barbara" type of plots for movies. Man the ghost here was BRUTAL! really brutal! so just hang on to your seats if you try to watch this... I'll give it 2 KUMAGS Stars just because they did scare me.... its not too high becauseI don't like horror flicks and it was a cheap movie I guess... everything happened in 1 location so there!

See for yourself if you'd like it.... I didn't really....


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