Dimples Romana for Sante Barley Max

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Dimples Romana has always been a breath of fresh air. She's that Mom who always wants the best for her kids, her family, and overall, you would want to have her be part of yours if heaven permit. Well this afternoon, we took a breather from the usual show business coverage and took time to see the folks at Sante Barkley Max have her as their new endorser.

Joey Marcelo of Sante Barley Max says "Sante International is a 100 percent Filipino owned company, with a vision to provide products in the wellness industry. We are the first Filipino company that has been able to put up shop in New Zealand. In the new normal, there's no way to cope but to level up year on year. We want to inspire more Filipinos, and in the 15 years we have been here, it's exciting to have a new member in our family Ms. Dimples Romana. Her values and persona aligns with our own. Her love language is to nurture, we value family. Her natural flair, genuine love and care for her family is outstanding. We're proud to have you here."

Health and quality of her life is surely one of the things why they got Ms. Dimples Romana, as she values it the most. People trust her, we've seen this actress on screen doing good work. Today, she's asking us to live more, do more with Sante Barley Max.

Dimples says "You all know how excited I am talking about healthy alternatives and do as much as we can to live to the max by taking care of ourselves. I am in the US right now as I'm still finishing a few shoots. I have a college student at home, but I always want to look young and feel young. I'm also a wife of 20 years, and I also started working very young and often have burn out moments. You have to take steps to live a healthy life, when you want to do that, it has to be small steps every single day. I only have to drink one sachet of Sante Barley Max every morning. Benefits, yes! I am still alive and kicking at 12:30am and feel energetic. Time zones usually mess up your body and it depends on the activities that you do to make sure you still get enough energy all throughout the day. Sante Barley Max helped me rid of toxins in my body, I regularly take it so my digestive functions are right. You have to have a different mindset, rid yourself of things that make you unhealthy. Til now, I don't think I look my age and I'm happy with that. During these days, I would often look at the mirror and see what I look like, I don't look tired even with all the work that I do. I really feel so great with Sante Barley Max. It's also the mindset, to begin something beneficial for me, to live to the max."

Sante Barley Max is an all natural food supplement made of young barley grass, turned into powder and can be consumed. It's got lots of vitamins, minerals, anti oxidants, amino acids, nutrients that is good for the body. It's safe to be taken by diabetics as it's got Stevia as sweetener. They now have it in capsule and sachet form so it's easier to take once a day (the sachet) or one capsule after every meal. It's available in Mercury Drug, Watsons, Soutstar, Shopee or Lazada.


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