PIOLO, MATTEO, Ms. CHARO Talk About Sun Life's Health Campaign

Friday, February 18, 2022

These days, what do you need most? Is it Love? Health? Wealth? Time? or Travel? This was actually asked during a Sunlife event this morning.

Alex Narciso the President of Sunlife of Canada (Phils) says "Sunlife has always been a staunch health advocate. Health is a key to a brighter future. This was solidified in 2020 when the pandemic happened. We need to live a fuller life with our loved ones, we need to be more prepared in medical emergencies and in protecting our health. We designed programs to be more comprehensive, we have a wider suite of health products with the evolving health needs of Filipinos. We now have GOWELL for health and wellness content, recipes, workout videos, webinars, promos and perks. We pivoted to become digital so they would be able to connect with advisors without leaving the comfort our our clients homes. We also value health literacy, hence our partnerships with organizations. This includes womens health, breast cancer information, help the greater community pursue a healthier life as well. We have launched projects to uplift the lives of our kababayans in Barangay Health Stations, so they too have access to preventive medicine. The foundation is funding construction for health stations, ensure it has personnel, and so far we have 8 in the municipalities in Batangas. Soon, there will be 42 by 2025. This is also fueled by SunPiology, as we raised funds for scholars, diabetes care, construct better care protecting persons from the disease. Our friends and partners, Sunlife is committed to make Filipinos live healthier lives. We want to re-affirm this commitment because it's worth it!"

Carla Gonzales Chong Marketing and Client Experience OIC for Sun Life Philippines says "We believe that in order to be financially secure, we need to help our clients live healthier lives. We need to take care of their various priorities of not being sick, and COVID-19 impacted a lot of lives. Majority would pay for health supplements, eat healthy, but only few have health and self insurance. Being financially prepared in cases like sickness can take a huge dent in our savings. Sunlife encourages to prepare for it early on, it includes investment in health. Matteo, Piolo believes that it is worth it. We invest in health to provide for our loved ones, to live longer, healthier lives."


Matteo says "I really rely on Sunlife for our life protection plan, for first time insurance buyers, it's affordable but has maximum protection. I am inspired to take care of myself so we have more time for each other. We're celebrating our 2nd anniversary. My wife also takes care of my health."

Piolo says "Sun Fit and Well makes me confident that I'd be taken cared of if the uneventful happens. You need to respect yourself. I told my son to not spend so much while he's in the US. He lives a healthy lifestyle and I don't think I have to remind him anymore, he's taking good care of himself and I know even if the work is hard, he's good physically."

Ms. Charo Santos Concio says "I'm glad I haven't had an investment that I regret, I really had a knack for it and have done a good job. I took the life plans because when my Father passed, it's what kept us afloat life wise. It made us survive during those times, so it's very personal for me."

The two gentlemen and iconic lady will be also releasing a couple of videos depicting their advise for their younger selves. To know more about their new products like the SUN First Aid Plus (which Matteo talked lengthy about), SUN Fit & Well (which Piolo swears by) and SUN ICU Protect (for serious emergency illnesses that Ms. Charo mentioned), you may go to a preferred Sun Life Advisor to get what's apt for you. They are available at bit.ly/advisorymatch and their socials YouTube.com/SunLifePH.


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