JENNIFER LOPEZ and OWEN WILSON Surprisingly Good in Romcom MARRY ME

Tuesday, February 08, 2022

Just got out of the cinema after watching MARRY ME, the much awaited movie starring Owen Wilson and Jennifer Lopez. In it, they commit to a marriage through a live audience. This advanced screening is a treat from Universal Pictures and of course Araneta City's Gateway Cineplex. 

The premise is a wedding wherein there's 20 million people in attendance, a marriage on stage of a pop star and a latin hunk, dubbed as the biggest wedding in the world... but what happens if she finds out that he’s cheating? 


Owen Wilsom plays a mormal Dad (Charlie Gilbert), a divorcee who takes good care of his daughter. He’s also a math professor, who didn’t hear about Kat (Jennifer Lopez) and Bastian (oh he's such a dbag - played by Latin star Maluma) prior to this. He had to go to the concert because he got complimentary tickets, brought along his daughter too so that he wouldn’t pass the opportunity to become a cool dad for once. When she (Kat) found out that she was getting cheated on by Bastian, she thought of choosing a random guy in the audience, and Owen was seen holding a "Marry Me" placard, and she then said yes. He went on stage after being egged by everyone, and that started their story. 

I like the part where Kat (the character of JLo) said “If you want to do something different, you have to do something different.” Also loved the different outfits JLo wore, plus the song numbers are also concert worthy, you get a movie and a concert all in one! I loved it, kinda liken it to her 2002 Maid in Manhattan work but a whole lot better story wise. She made me cry a few times during the Mathlon, but you've got to find out why (no spoilers here!).


Oh by the way, Gateway Mall has pretty nice cinemas. They're currently employing one seat apart and no food rule inside theaters. You can carry drinks though, understandable because they are following IATF rules. Novotel also is offering wedding and Valentines day packages (if you haven't thought about arranging a lavish date for your boyfriend or girlfriend this might be an opportune time to do it). They're under Accor who also manages 5 star hotels in the Philippines. Pizza Hut also is doing food promos which you can avail in restaurants nationwide, you may opt to eat before or after the movie. 

Marry Me will be shown in theaters starting February 9th in cinemas nationwide, but if’s a good thing to watch in Araneta City Gateway Cineplex if you are near the area. If you are a fan of JLo, you definitely should not miss this. Valentines date? yeah!


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