MANO PO LEGACY Moved to New Timeslot

Thursday, February 03, 2022

Talking to the cast was really an opportunity to see how these actors and actresses prepare for their role and know how they do it. True enough, people have been raving about the performances of Maricel Laxa, Sunshine Cruz, Barbie Forteza and the whole cast.

As Maricel Laxa says. "It's not hard to actually do it because you've got a supportive cast, excellent people behind the scenes that would make you think it's easy to execute the character."

David Licauco says "At first it was intimidating but when I started to talk to them, it was easy. The script is actually good so it was easy to do because you would know how their character moves or do in the story."

Here's our blog conference a few days ago, enjoy!

Mano Po Legacy: The Family Fortune cast also includes Rob Gomez, Nikki Co, Dustin Yu, Darwin Yu, Casie Banks, David Chua, Victor Basa, Ms. Boots Anson-Roa and a lot more.

And before we do go, they've changed their time slot as MANO PO LEGACY: The Family Fortune will be shown at 8:50pm starting February 7, so make sure you move your watching hours to that time because it's perfect after dinner no?

Happy Lunar New Year by the way!


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