PAWS Pushes for Spay/Neuter with New KAPON Program

Friday, February 04, 2022

Anna Cabrera Head of PAWS

he Philippine Animal Welfare Society has been established since 1954. They're a non profit, volunteer based organization dedicated for the protection of animals. In the country, they've been pushing for pet care and adoption like no other. This time, they're campaigning for spay/neutering so we could better take care of our pets. PAWS doesn't enforce collection of strays, the government does that, nor are they a destination for pets that owners wouldn't be able to care for as these are done by city pounds (though no government facility accept "for adoption dogs").

Anna Cabrera who heads PAWS says "The stray problem can be solved by neutering. Strays are homeless dogs/cats/animals. As of 2019, there are about 12 Million of them in the country. They usually start out as pets, when owners can't afford to take care of them, they throw animals on the streets and reproduce with other strays hence the problem at hand. The cycle continues til now. If you don't spay neuter pets, they get pregnant and more unwanted dogs, cats or animals. Often, people don't see the connection with the spay/neutering with taking care of pets. Sadly rabies is super high in deaths in the world and the Philippines ranks 7. It can also cause mange, transmissible venereal tumor and other disease. It's also very contagious. There are also problems of dog feces in the streets, it can cause a lot of problems with humans too. They are also probe in scavenging in garbage dumps, which is another problem. They can chase people, after runners, bikers, cars. If they get bitten, that'll be another issue. There is a huge need for animal control, this is why we need the Anti Rabies Act so enforcers would be able to enforce laws and protect humans as their mandate. All strays will be rounded up under law. You can't put the burden on animal welfare groups because chances are, their shelters are all full. Spay and Neutering is a strategy that is sustainable. "Kapon for all pets" is a solution, done by a vet, under humane procedures. It reduces chances of breast cancers, uterine infections, no heat cycles, less spraying and markings. This brings down numbers of unwanted pets too. This is a nationwide approach encouraging private spay-neuter programs in partnership with PAWS, veterinary clinics, the government and their respective local units. We believe pet homelessness can be resolved in 5 years. PAWS will provide 50,000 pesos worth of surgical materials for 10 free spay/neuter every month for participating LGU's. We would want this to be written into law, hopefully done nationwide. February 22 is International Spay Day, and hopefully we can have good numbers to announce when this is done in local government units. Given the right procedure, one person at a time, we will keep hammering at it, we don't give up, we can do so much more!"

You see, with this procedure, pets would be healthy, gain weight, even prevent the ridiculous amount of population of dogs/cats, stray animals which could not be managed by owners in order to take care of them all properly. This way, they won't be in harms way. If you want to know more, visit or pawsphilippines on FB and IG.


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