Bossing VIC SOTTO for BOSSMAXX3 Capsule and Coffee

Monday, February 21, 2022

It was a nice and fun afternoon over at the BOSSMAX3 Capsule and Coffee launch with their main man Bossing Vic Sotto and host Paulo Ballesteros giving us reasons why we should take these products from Corbridge a try.

BOSSMAX3 are dietary supplements and coffee made from Mangosteen Xanthone, one of our favorite local fruits that is said to have a throng of health benefits. Vic Sotto says "In many years, I've had the opportunity to give joy to other people. I take care of my health, I owe it to myself and my family. I do exercise, proper diet, and the bossing of my health BOSSMAX3, because your health is your boss."

He adds "When we did the shoot, Boss Gap was really attending to my needs. From capsule to coffee, I had it all. Mangosteen is a favorite, I called my driver to buy some for me but when he came back he told me "I can't find the store of Mang Gusting", no not my barber! Thank you to my Corbridge family for choosing me as an endorser, thank you for the warm welcome. Times are challenging and we've faced the pandemic head on while working at home. We follow protocols, and still adjusting to the new normal. This keeps me healthy, and you need the extra boost to keep you in shape, BOSSMAX3 does it for me! Aside from that, please text Pauline for my secrets. Being healthy for me especially during this pandemic, has been very important and we've seen that in the last few years. For a longer life, a better outlook in life, right food, supplements and vitamins, and not just coffee, you need a good one with health benefits. You also need to think about your mental health because that becomes who you are physically. I don't really endorse things that I don't believe in, and now that I'm younger, you have to double your efforts in taking care of your health. It's good to get older, you often felt it was hard, but I enjoy it now because we have discounts and feel it's good to grow... and BOSSMAX3 is good too."

Corbridge Group Philippines President and GM German Panghulan says "BOSSMAX3 is launching today, thank you Maru Sotto for making this possible. We welcome Vic Sotto to our Corbridge family. We have released products that add value for the community, it has been more apparent during these times in having good supplements for our consumers. We see ourselves doing this more in the years to come."

The BOSSMAX3 Coffee Strong costs Php 17.50 per sachet and Php 175.00 Box of 10s P175.00 while the BOSSMAX3 Coffee Creamy version costs Php 21.00 per sachet or Php 210 per box of 10's. The capsules cost Php 9.75 only, not fit for kids or lactating moms. BOSSMAX3 is available in Mercury Drug and Watson's Stores nationwide. Vic Sotto takes both the Creamy and Strong version, so you can do the same and take it when you feel like it. The BOSSMAX3 Coffee has Stevia as sweetener, so diabetics like me can have it. Now only if there's one in my home... baka naman!


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