Coca-Cola Foundation, Coca-Cola Philippines Help Typhoon Odette Hit Areas

Monday, February 07, 2022

When Typhoon Odette hit the Philippines, a lot of Filipinos lost their homes, livelihood, and capacity to earn a living. The philanthropic arm of the Coca-Cola Company has been helping in their own capacity, benefiting thousands of people across 6 provinces that have been affected by this natural disaster. To start off, a grant of USD 400,000 to CBCP Caritas Filipinas Foundation was made to support nine dioceses in Visayas and Mindanao operate several efforts for food, shelter, repair kits, solar lamps, hygiene kits,  to more than 4 thousand families in the region.

Coca Cola Foundation also has given Php 5.8 Million worth of food, hygiene kits, shelter or roof repair, drinking water and filters so they start picking up the pieces and start recovery early on. They worked with NGO partners Water and Life Philippines, WWF, Caritas Manila, Philippine Business for Social Progress, Gawad Kalinga, World Vision, Synergeia Foundation and Waves 4 Water. Saadia Madsbjerg the President of Coca-Cola Foundations says "This is the time we provide humanitarian aid for those who are in need and we know how these natural disasters especially during the pandemic affect so many people in communities that have limited resources."

Ms. Cecile Alcantara the President of the Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines adds "We and our trusted partners continue to serve Filipinos through different programs, waste management, water stewardship, education, youth and women empowerment including disaster relief. Although we know how resilient Filipinos are, we are here to support you one day at a time."

To date, they are still supplying over 70 thousand liters of Wilkins drinking water in affected areas, and employees through CCBPI have raised over Php 600K to help in Visayas and Mindanao. They are working with Mandaue City as well for mobile treatment machines that make water potable in the area. They are present in communities in Marawi, Davao del Sur and Bicol as well. 


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