A Home with Amazing Views: Horizon Terraces Garden Villas

Friday, February 11, 2022

The Philippines is just a treasure trove of nature, beautiful landscapes and untouched terrain. While we have that in the country, not much appreciation falls on it til the pandemic happened two years ago. Naturally, the need for healthy liveable homes was at an all time high and yes, who wouldn't love ample space for having your own garden and backyard?

Such are the things available at Horizon Terraces Garden Villas. These are new prime residences at Tagaytay Highlands. With picturesque views of Taal Lake and Mount Makiling, it'll be a dream to wake up with it everyday with a cup of coffee and newspaper on hand. In the property, folks would enjoy the Central Garden, Garden Courtyard, Sensory Garden for kids and Midlands Golf Course. It won't be a weekend getaway anymore if you're spending every day in it.

Not only that, you've got sports facilities, pools, restaurants that would rival the best restaurants you've been in through the years. These are some of the perks only enjoyed by owners, their families and guests, probably you very soon. If you want to see how it looks like virtually, check out tagaytayhighlands.com/glendale-360 or their various videos and presentations on YouTube (just search for Gelndale Model Unit Walkthrough and you'll get there!).

Tagaytay Highlands also has always been so secure. They've been awarded by the local government of Tagaytay and won awards for being best in class of developers in open market projects. In the property, they still employ safety protocols, mask up and social distance. Tagaytay Highlands were but a dream before but these days, they offer flexible payment terms so if you fancy a unit in Horizon Terraces Garden Villas, go visit their official Facebook page and IG account or their official website. Just search for @tagaytayhighlandsofficial and it'll be the best life decision you'll have this year.


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