FRANCIS LIBIRAN Outs Perfume Line "Dusk and Dawn"

Sunday, February 06, 2022


I've been covering Francis Libiran shows as a fashion photographer and seeing his work on the runway has always been a treat. Recently, he also dressed up PPOP sensation BINI, and needless to say, he's already put Philippine fashion on the world map because of his countless work in fashion and design. This time, he's releasing a perfume line which he designed with artisan Oscar Mejia III. They call it "Dusk and Dawn" and is making it available this February.

This is a collection of aromatic products for home and a perfume line. They have Dusk to denote grace and romance while Dawn brings in the feeling of hope. They used scents like Bamboo, White Tea, Chamomile and Rose for the former while the other carries a more invigorating Pomelo, Olive, Sampaguita and Patchouli. These then will be used on perfume candles, reed diffusers and anti bacterial linen sprays. It's designed to change your mood, relax so you can improve what you feel while resting or staying at home. This will be available online at their official site or their physical stores and ateliers.



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