CINDYS Raring To Expand Business on their 50th Year!

Monday, October 24, 2022

My memories of Cindys has always been awesome. With their foray into the fast food market (largely popular in the 80's), they've captured the hearts of Filipinos nationwide. I remember eating Chicken Barbecue and Palabok when Mom took me in Cubao when I was a kid. They've slowly gone in the shadows, but nope, contrary to rumors, they were never gone or closed business. They've concentrated their business in their core strength, their bakery and restaurant business which started in Tarlac City in 1972. Actually, I went there and I took home a lot of products home with me for pasalubong.


Yes folks, they are celebrating their 50th Year Anniversary! They made us feel we're part of the celebrations a few days ago, and memories came crashing back to me. This time, they're call is to "Savor Great Moments" as they begin expanding this year with branches in Luzon, Metro Manila . 

I am so happy they're donning the new look and I hope I would see them near my hood so I could enjoy the good baked and savory products served at their restaurant again. They may have been in the business for half a century, but they're just starting to put a foothold on the new market with these well loved items. If you're in Manila, they have one in Blumentritt and Karuhatan in Valenzuela City. You may visit their site and if you want to know more where you can get those lovely ensaymadas, brownies and Taisan which I enjoyed last week. 

Here's a toast to a classic, congratulations to Cindys on your 50th year!


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