Sustainable Tourism Thrives at Hamilo Coast

Friday, October 14, 2022

I've been to Hamilo Coast quite a number of times for family and events. It's actually a really good destination to do pretty much anything you put your mind into. The property sits in a 5,000 hectares of prime land managed by SM Prime under Costa Del Hamilo, Inc. It's a mix of residential, mid rise leisure driven resort with rooms that have spectacular views which you don't see much in the south. The development is well thought of and if you stay for a while, you could see how they put together the best elements you could ever ask for in a property. The convenience of modern facilities; and a heavenly landscape, the enjoyable outdoors where flora and fauna roam freely.

See, Hamilo Coast takes this to heart. They partnered with WWF or World Wide Fund for Nature Philippines. True to their word, this has been going on for 15 years and through this, they work on effective and sustainable tourism programs in the areas of coastal resource management, Solid Waste work, active mangrove planting, sourcing renewable energy and environmental awareness communication to affect a lot of people. The environment is riding on this which is why they are continuing to pursue world class and standardized eco tourism processes that takes leisure property management a notch higher.

CDHI's Hamilo Coast brings forth a beautiful community that doesn't forget to be responsible. As one of the most coveted properties in the region, they make sure to address matters that would be harmful for nature like solid trash and wastewater, and put proper plans in place. Both organizations have been working on programs that puts the importance on environment and build sustainable communities that make the right choices for their own and others. Their overall environmental management plan should be lauded and aside from the programs they have in place, should continue the coastal cleanups and the annual Earth hour which they celebrate in this property. Together with WWF, the Hamilo Coast management and the community, they can spark change and inspire more people. The Pico and Santelmo Beaches, the whole estate would be enjoyed by generations to come. It starts here, and it starts now!

Make sure you visit their social channels to get updates on activities and know more about what Hamilo Coast is all about.


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