QC 1st Distrtict Congressman Arjo Atayde Lauds Passing of SIM Registration Bill

Thursday, October 13, 2022

he country has been stricken by lots of SMS spam messages in recent months. Much of these are SMiShing attempts which compromise banking and private details of Filipinos, costing thousands of hard earned cash lost to never recover again. Quezon City First District Congressman Arjo Atayde lauds the signing of the recently approved SIM Registration Bill which aims to prevent and protect Filipinos from scams through these means. Arjo says "The implementation of this law will surely benefit the public and I have seen how stakeholders and networks would want this to be orderly done the soonest."

For those who don't know, SIM cards will be registered with telecommunication companies. Sellers will require valid identification with photos, name and address. If this is done with corresponding subpoena, courts can order owners to be traced if SMS crimes perpetuate in the same medium.

Congressman Atayde has also put importance in making sure guidelines would be done to also protect the privacy of Filipinos, and to also future proof it as there would be technology that may develop different methods doing crime in the digital space. He adds "There might be other methods they are planning and we need to make sure we can fight them off when the time comes. Rest assured, we will make sure the implementation would go smoothly especially in our district and city. So scammers and trolls, beware!"

If you are a victim of SMiShing, make sure you report the matter to NPC via their email address reportsmishing@privacy.gov.ph and their social channels.


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