TaskUs Made These Ridiculous Pedestrian Lanes in Bohol

Thursday, October 06, 2022

The good people from TaskUs just made things brighter at their Tagbilaran City site in the province of Bohol. The most common pedestrian lane they used in the city just got spruced up which they call Ridiculous Roads: BOHOL, a project aimed to uplift the morale of the people of this city after they got hit with Typhoon Odette. It's been hard for much of the populace and seeing these pedestrian lanes in colorful ways would surely give the Boholanons a needed boost.

The artwork was done by Pahid Murals, a local art group that can commission work. This also comes after their recent voluntary employee donation campaign which amassed 2.6 Million pesos to help build homes of those affected by the typhoon. They also have some done in Antipolo City for road safety causes, it's quite awesome to see how TaskUs does community projects like these til now.

Congratulations to the men and women who are striving hard to change the lives of the people of Bohol, I hope it comes back to you ten fold.


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