TCL Unleashes New Products: Aims to Inspire Greatness

Wednesday, October 05, 2022

TCL has been a household name in the Philippines and this quarter, they're introducing more products with the aim to showcase innovations they've made over the years. For starters, they got us to see a couple consumer electronic products such as the TCL C Series #QLED with #144HzVR refresh rate that's got 98 inch size, there's also the new Split Type Inverter Airconditioner with FreshIN technology.

These products are just some of the items taht TCL continues to produce in order to inspire people to strive for quality, and hopefully, make it a standard. The difference with TCL is their investment in research, attention to detail and quality, and how they take time to listen to customers and partners. It’s got quadripure filters (to ensure air purification), a moving louver, patented gentle breeze design. They also have smart control so you can schedule, control and smart clean the unit if needed. The FreshIN technology is an inlet wherein fresh air goes in on the top of the unit.
Their endorser was Parokya Ni Edgar frontman Chito Miranda. He used TCL devices in his own home and shared his experiences with it. Products like these he says prove that it need not be expensive in order to get quality TV's and home appliances, he's absolutely right!
The TCL Smart Control App can change temperature, monitor your  electricity consumption, wherever and whenever you need to do it (all in). Imagine the convenience that you can get if you had a whole ecosystem that can be managed by that. You also in turn will save power from taking advantage of technologies that make products like these more efficient, be managed with ease and inspire the industry to make more things that could change lives of consumers, and inspire greatness among men.

It comes with a pretty good price if you compare it with other products with the same specs. It's a humongous TV and if you appreciate immersive experience like that, you should definitely treat yourself and your family.


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