Turning NURSES to MOVIESTARS: "SIGLO NG KALINGA" on PNA's Centennial Celebration

Sunday, October 09, 2022

Just got off the MOA signing of "SIGLO NG KALINGA" at the Philippine Nurses Association grounds this evening in Benitez Street in Manila. It was officiated by PNA officials, executives of Dr. Carl Balita Productions (CBP), Director Lemuel Lorca and nurses from around the country. This evening was all about the life of Anastacia Giron Tupas (AGT), the founder of PNA and how they are making headway in producing the film showcasing the dedication, service, passion and professionalism of Filipino nurses worldwide.

Governor Melvin Miranda, the current President of the Philippine Nurses Association says "Thank you to our past Presidents, and to regional leaders present here this evening. When Dr. Balita threw in the idea of doing a film, we were looking on how the life of AGT will be appreciated. Anastacia and her legacy in PNA is inspiring, at this day, we can inspire more Filipino nurses and connect to generations of them, and I'm glad they appreciate our endeavor to hopefully be learned from grassroots level; especially to nurses, and learn our mission and core values. We appreciate the partnership, thank you!"

Dr. Carl Balita also announced that national artist for film RICKY LEE as consultant for the film. For this project, he wants to put together the best of the best in Philippine cinema. He says "I am also considering Rocco Nacino, Kuh Ledesma, Princess Punzalan, Carol Banawa, different artists who are real nurses, and let them do cameos so we can concentrate on nurses we will get in the casting call. Angeli Bayani will be conducting workshops, as she's an internationally acclaimed actress. In other words, I want our nurses to be involved, also in the poster making and theme song writing contest. I believe we have very talented nurses, and we might ask Kuh Ledesma to help us in singing the song. The film will be seen on May 2023, and target international film festivals and I promise you we will have them in different festivals like Sundance, Toronto, and major film festivals. This is the best film I will ever produce, and I'm challenging everyone involved to do their best as well.

Dr. Carl Balita adds "I want this to be a legacy film to be watched by the public so they would understand the heroism involved in our line of work. We need to communicate the call for the cast, we need them to be part of the film. All of whom need to be nurses."

They are doing a casting call specific for nurses 20-60yo, registered who would be available for a shoot (2 weeks straight) with a 5 day acting workshop on October 12-20 from 10am to 12pm and 1-4pm on zoom. They will also be doing a Theme Song and Poster Making contest for the film depicting the work of Filipinos worldwide and the life of Anastacia Giron Tupas, the founder of PNA. You may send entries before November 26, 2022, you may email drcarlbalitaproductions@gmail.com for more details. This is also in celebration of PNA's Centennial Anniversary, a historic and momentous occasion.

If you're a nurse and want to be part of this, you know what to do!


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