Traveling South!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

My brother who is now an Irish citizen is leaving the country on Wednesday and I am trying to maximize his vacation here by taking him around out of town trips. I know he enjoys the beach and everything that conspires within it like eating, shopping and bonding with family. I would like to at least get him to BATANGAS which is a world class diving spot and 4 hours away in the south of Manila but our family van is barred from traveling because of the number coding implemented by the government. The car plate ends in 5 and since that stands on a Wednesday, we would never be able to cross major thoroughfares and the expressway. Car Rental Comparison was the next thing to do since we need a better substitute than using public transport. It is either that or getting a relative to use their cars instead, but that would be a long shot.

We checked out on line resources and found a few highly recommended companies. I wish I could get the one offered in Australia. They have better services and you have better control over how you would be able to use rental cars down under. It would have been so easy if they offered the same in my community and my brother would be elated how classy their cars are. It is also safe; a characteristic my brother looks for in a rental shop. We will get there by hook or by crook! I will explore this land and get beautiful photos too; so I could show my friends a panoramic view of the place I almost called home! We'll be leaving tomorrow, see you guys there!


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