A Time for Giving!

Friday, January 08, 2010

I just got out of the office and checked my watch. It looks like it is a little early but I have tons of things to do at home. I really like this watch because it was given to me by my brother. I think its time to return the favor so I would probably have to wait for the malls to open to get him one too. But that is just hours away and I would not be able to spend too much time on this. Maybe it would be better to do it in on line stores so I could get a better deal and less the hassle.

I have to find reputable ones because at this day and age, on line transactions really have to be secure. Hackers and other people can see you press those keys and get vital information on your financial media. I found several watches but this got my fancy on BLUEDIAL. It is simple yet very elegant which is just right for people on the go like me.

I know how good it looks like and how it would greatly match some of my brother's outfits. If ever I need more, the I will consider purchasing and additional movado watch just for kicks. He has been good to me so he really deserves it!


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