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Monday, January 11, 2010


My friends from college were all present at Mela's wedding and it was a good thing. I got to talk to people I really miss a lot and two of my best friends in college was there with their kid.

Congrats Mel and Edjo!

Reminiscing was given but the chance to reconnect was even more spectacular. Lisa is my twin Sister, we had the same thing for English Literature when we were in college. She impressed me in a lot of ways and she was born on the same day and year as I was so do you see the coincidence?! We almost did know how to finish each other's sentences and it was a delight to see her and my other best friend too.


I think I shot the first one on top right sis?! =)

Yes ladies and gentlemen, my 2 best friends from college got married. I think I have this thing for pairing up people, they kinda know how to get together after I tell a thing or two about them. Call me an unprofessional bridge of sorts but that's how I probably end up LOL. Anyway, my sis worries about me too much but I guess she does have a lot to really worry about me because I did not have that much direction in the past. But I think I turned out pretty good huh?! LOL

My other best friend is Arvie, I don't even know if he treats me like his best bud too but I do that to him... I don't care! LOL. He's an airhead sometimes and I do consequently know how he thinks already. I know it has been pretty long since we have talked but if we do, I know how he is and he's really good at what he's been doing. Both of them are civil engineers so you kinda know how busy their lives are now. Maybe they are not that perfect; but for me they will forever be good friends. Their kid is my godson too so I think we'd probably be seeing each other really often no matter how busy our lives are. I'll be praying for them too so they get to have the same luck I have too this year. Don't worry sis you'll be doin great I know!

Plus the Cruz's family are quite close to my heart. We kinda bonded when we were in college and I kinda miss em already. Ara the Janet Jackson look a like =) , RZ who also got married the other day with Babielyn (I think?! LOL) and Mommy and Daddy... they were such a cool bunch when I was in college and I really darn miss em a lot. =( awe.... I missed going to their wedding because I was so busy with photo shoots. I guess that is one thing that I did regret doing this week, I could have seen them all including Nanay from Caloocan. Hayyy! =( I also miss Liza's Mom who always was there to help me in the Engineering days... aw =(

Congrats Arzie and Bie! =)
Sorry wasn't able to go there but I'm sure you guys had fun on your special day!

*note all pics are stolen from my sis Liza's cam and grabbed from facebook =P hope you don't mind sis!


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