On Weddings!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

You probably know that I have been doing wedding photography these past few moths and I must admit I do really like it. Capturing moments is the key to a perfect shot and I have gotten quite a number of them already. Making the client happy is tantamount to the success of your shoot because no matter how you think that your shots are good, it is their word that will be the final say. Making preparations for the church, the program, the entourage and giving out wedding invitations starts how everything will fall into place. From shooting the suit, the dress and rings it sort of shows how a theme for the set will look like. Thinking how you will present the package is how the game starts.

Let me show you some of the shots I made for a client. These are some of the set we did for wedding portraits. I really like the ambiance in the ORCHIDARIUM we shot this in. I thought of playing with strobes and lights on this set because it has that mysterious impact. I like the swirls of light I put in after post processing because obviously it made the image more magical. I can even attest that these are good for magazines if the time comes. That would definitely be a big break if someone can arrange this for me. Does this work?!

Let me know what you think!


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