Show My University Fashion Photography

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Tomorrow marks another special event in my entire life; I will be going back again to my University. I was contacted for my expertise in portraiture because they were planning to have all the contestants of Mr. and Ms. UE be shot and chosen a winner for the Mr. and Ms. Photogenic Award. I know it was going to be a great shoot even on short notice and I will be getting my work posted on site. That is one good advice for the wise home owner for this month.

My photography has definitely taken me places that I have never been before but this has been another good twist to my story. I will be employing another new work flow for this set and sure enough I want to have a different form factor for this one since it is going to be surely memorable. I learned on an article that getting a work flow arranged before post processing is vital to the success of photography techniques employed on a subject. It can make or break you in most instances. This is where the last thing to enhance your photo happens and without a proper process you would not be able to get better output. I love photography and this is the time I will be showing my University how this is done. I am excited to let them know how I have been faring in this field. This is the time to show them my passion and the vast things I have learned about Zone Focusing. Here we go!


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