Mooore Philippine News Rundown!

Monday, January 11, 2010

In Philippine news, here's what's new!

92 percent of people from Metro Manila do not want the RH bill or what we usually call the family planning bill because the Catholic church I guess had influenced their minions to resist this one.

The Department of Trade and Industry just released a suggested retail price list for cement. This includes local and international brands because it apparently has gone over the top in prices. They are planning to control it like local commodities.

Rupert Halmed of Sunday Times UK died of a road side bomb in Afghanistan. Hey that is international news already LOL.

Transport protests were done with the implementation of the RFID that was planned to be installed on all vehicles. LTO is under huge scrutiny because of this.

Lee Van Corteza was able to enter the top 16 players in the Predator Billiard Tour. Hopefully he will enter the finals too. Its been too long since we got an award in this sport we excel in.

2 NPA Rebels were shot dead in Sorsogon, a province in the island of Mindanao. Good job whoever has done that!

A shuffle in the cabinet members happened again yesterday by Malacanang. Duque got the CSC and the undersecretaries got the post for DOH.

2 carnappers shot dead in Quezon City. It's about time to kill those darn people who steal cars!

Prices of bread expected to increase in February. What's new! Almost all prices increased anyway!

I'll try doing this everyday so I can update people from outside the country.


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