An OMG Moment

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I was with my Mom and Dad in a local restaurant in QC. It was a quick break in the afternoon which was meant to be just a simple meal to satisfy my craving and fix for PANSIT MALABON which is a local noodle dish. Little QUIAPO which was founded in 1947 (a posh restaurant) was there; so we went in after a submitting a couple of papers in City Hall. I was surprised because right after we opened the door, my former co workers and bosses from Social Security System were all there. To make matters worse, I was in rags that time; sporting a worn out shirt and expensive slippers I usually wear when I do not want to dress up. They on the other hand were all clad in business wear, coat and tie, the whole nine yards. I almost backed out of the store but they already saw me. So I got my Mom and Dad to follow suit. I said hi and they said hello. They do remember me still; but I had some really funny things in the back of my mind about how I looked like. We were exchanging stories from across tables because we were all waiting for the food to be served. When they did and it came to a point they were asking me where I was and who I worked for, they asked me for a business card. I was shocked and tried to find one on my wallet, when it suddenly hit me... that in the 6 years I have worked for the corporation; I never had a single business card ha-ha! I should have commissioned the other department to make me one or get business cards online instead. It would take me a couple of months if I wait for people in the office so I think I am better off with ordering one on the web. That was a really humiliating situation so I suddenly just made an alibi that I forgot my cards in my laptop bag. It was good because they took it, brushed it off and proceeded eating in the restaurant. That was a complete OMG moment for me and I was just lucky I got away with it. I hurriedly ate, said goodbye and went home to find a place to order cards after wards. I needed one obviously and it is quite appropriate to have it too. Have you had one of those OMG moments too?! Let me know!


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