A Nocturnal Learning...

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

With the way things are going now, it looks like the NOCTURNALS photography club that I belong to is gearing toward higher goals this 2010. Apart from the plans they mentioned a few months ago, the guys want to push for a business venture since we all are doing well in our respective shots. I want to push through with what I have been doing on my photos and probably make a name for myself in the coming months. I want to show people more of what I can do with post processing and that would really take me a while but if I do strike some deals with people at work and play I would be able to get my photography career into new heights.

Maybe I have not been doing the best I can the past few shoots because I am continuously learning. That is essential in the growth that I am gunning for. I hope I can get to learn something new with masters on this craft. Now who will get me that plane ticket so I can get to New York and be an apprentice to my idol Xander Angeles. I love his work… and I hope to emulate what he is doing right now for his clients. I want to be as famous as he is in the fashion industry. Where and how do I start? I might be in the right track already but it would just take me time. I’m not a professional photographer anyway… NOT YET! But I am planning to be one in the future and do what I love. I love my job; but it wouldn’t hurt to have a thing to do on the side for luck! Hahaha… I am still optimistic!


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