To Buy or Not to Buy

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

I never knew it was going to be hard to make a choice about the property we were planning to buy somewhere south of Manila. It seems that I have a few questions to ask first before purchasing it for my family and I would not want to get my money spent on worthless ones so I took a short trip yesterday and checked the village out. It was a parcel of land spanning the right part of the road where there are a couple of Pineapple plantations. It was a nice place although I was a little dumbfounded why they did not have a sign of some sort in front of the actual village. The real estate company did not have a corporate office and they were just situated on a vacant lot that had three tables and a couple of assistants to man the stations. It seemed to me that they were just fly-by-night corporations but since I was there for a specific reason, I went ahead and asked about it.


The lot that I was trying to buy was very near the pool, the church and the club house that they plan to put up. They are still unfinished so I did ask if they have an estimate when the amenities are going to be accessible but apparently they are clueless. I know they were from one of the premier real estate companies in the metro but it was really not that appealing anymore. They did not even have Real Estate Logos which made them really look unprofessional. I think they need to fix things first before I am going to be convinced to pay for it. I however was impressed with the model house that they showed us. It was the ideal three story house with a large garden outside and a parking space that could fit around 2 vehicles. I know this is going to be expensive if we were on the other side of the road because that part had a view overlooking a world renowned volcano. If only they make things better this would have been an easy decision. Now I'll ask you guys, to buy or not to buy?!


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