Phone GAS Options

Thursday, January 07, 2010

I have GAS again. It is the Gadget Acquisition Syndrome which makes me totally gullible in purchasing another electronic item for my own enjoyment. I just found out that there is something that would be able to get EBAY a run for its money. If you guys are up for great electronic products that boast to have the cheapest prices in the world, make sure you visit on line stores. Just check out this one that I plan to purchase soon on their store!


I know it is quite comparable to its predecessors but if you think about the huge price difference and the actual value it is outrageously off the charts! Who would believe you could buy something like this phone for $67.89?!

I was contemplating this past few days on buying an IPHONE for myself that would cost me around 35,000.00 pesos and a dedicated line for GLOBE but since this has surfaced as an option, why would I settle for anything less?! Buy from China and you will never go wrong! They will throw in free shipping too at CHINABUYE!


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