Dog Dilemma

Saturday, January 23, 2010

I know I have asthma and it has been a big issue at home because there are a lot of things that trigger my allergies. I did not want this to be a hindrance to my family life but I think it just did. I am allergic to seafood, but one more thing that triggers it is fur. Not those fancy things people wear but it is those which animals have. You probably think that hairball you often see when sweeping floors is harmless. Imagine; I almost got hospitalized because of that. My Mom wanted to get a toy dog so she could entertain herself every once in a while. She treats it like family and since I would not be able to bear the hardships of getting one I think little dog boarding would help me a lot.

Yes I do miss them a lot!

I on the other hand wanted not just a toy dog but a huge Siberian husky and even went the extra mile to build an air conditioned room since we live in a tropical climate. I read books, got veterinarians and aficionados of the breed to help me out in the beginning and got one last August. I had instantaneously got symptoms and brushed it off a month after it was here. When my doctors found out, they immediately asked me to do the worst next thing. I had to give him up and let my cousins adopt it. I literally had no choice. If only I had somewhere to put them and get some help then it would have made me get doses of antihistamines for the asthma. This was a full time job though since they needed special care in our side of the world. Oh man I miss them a lot! Now how am I going to please my Mom and not get attacks again? Let me know what you guys think!



LN said...

Very very cute puppies!!!

Mac Callister said...

ang cute!!!

im missing my terrier back home!

ang cute mo naman sa pic sa sidebar!hehe

Ellen Joy Castel said...

Very very cute puppies!!!