Back to the Gym Again!

Monday, January 04, 2010

Well I've got my bags packed and I am ready to go back to the gym after three long weeks. It has been that long because aside from the holidays which I spent overeating LOL I have gained a lot of weight and I got sick too. I was not in the mood to pump iron or run anymore because I need to recuperate. Good thing I had that short 1 day vacation in Batangas that kept me relaxed and sane. Now I am feeling a lot better. I did not eat dinner a while ago but I bought myself a couple of pieces of bread, a liter of mango juice and some chips to store. It was all nice and got me fed while monitoring my work.

I need to work on my abs hehe... and my big guns of course! I will have to bulk up more so I can beat up people I don't like when I'm walking on the street LOL. I have to also do a hulk thingy with cars and stop them while running haha. I am going to keep my food intake monitored and probably cut down on a lot of things like carb. I need to keep my energy up though.

Aside from that, I am really gearing up towards a healthier lifestyle. I am gonna stay away from smoking and drinking. Which I do occasionally... but I am optimistic that I will achieve all my goals before the year ends. I just did the same this year anyway! I will pray for it just like the ones that came true this year! I hope I get to be more buff this year!



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