Carmela and Edjo: Congratulations!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

I just came from Mela’s wedding and it was nice. The church ceremonies happened in San Lorenzo Ruiz I think and the reception was in Plaza Ibarra in Timog Avenue where I followed. I was never in the mood of talking that much but since I was with my friends; that is what I just did. It was nice to see my best friend and sis with their additional cute son. We kind of talked a lot and I missed his sister, Mom and Dad. Geeze, I want to go back to Isabela if only it was near!

I saw them happy… they kinda look alike for some weird reason. But that is what I saw of them. It was really a gathering of friends and families. I specifically like the part where Mom and Dads talk about their sons and daughters… they kinda knock each other out with anecdotes of themselves then cry about it afterwards. Haha I dunno why but I find it amusing. I am weird bar none!

I just wish Mela and Edjo a better life and kids because they probably need one. They are good people and they need to have one now! Pressure pressure! =)


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