A Life Long Investment

Friday, January 15, 2010

I just had a small talk with Mom this morning while having a cup of tea and my favorite jam and bread. She mentioned a couple of things I should be doing with the money I earn. I never knew business matters were her forte but the things she mentioned about investments made a lot of sense. I am not getting any younger and from the looks of it; I am a little uncontrollable in spending so I need to put my hard earned money into good use. So I hurriedly got term life insurance quotes and checked out what plan is viable for me. It looks like the plans are easy to pay too. I think I should get this one so I would not be a burden to my family when that inevitable part of life comes.

As for all the other things; I know my family will be taken care of. That is what’s important. I would not want to leave this world and give them more problems like when I was still living. That would not be a pretty good sight to see. I wonder how other people plan for stuff like this. I know it is kind of morbid but if you think about it; it is kind of practical. This is a great investment indeed.


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