I Am A Gaming Freak!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

As you can probably see all over my site, I have been a long time on line gamer and I am pretty good at it. I ran games from titles like Counter Strike, its predecessor Half Life, CABAL and RAN, and some old Flash games and a whole bunch of mashed up potatoes for lunch. It has been a very good year for me considering I spend quite a few thousand bucks to jazz up my player and get ahead of the pack. I really want to be the best that every game ever had as close to game masters and that is the goal I try to emulate each game that passes by.

The addicting World of WARCRAFT for example never would get your character to beat other ones if you are just plain John so you have got to get WoW Gold from reputable sites and get that Wizard, Monster or Mystical creature you want to be a pumped up version of it. If you want to make that lame game the best experience you want it to be; then start killing those ugly monsters with a better version of you. MYMMOSHOP for example is a good place to start. The rest us up to you!


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