The Killers in Manila

Saturday, January 30, 2010

See I've shot famous bands already, like Bamboo and Rivermaya =)

I want to watch a lot of concerts this year and one of them is going to happen tomorrow. Yes ladies and gentlemen the KILLERS will be arriving later today. I want to get VIP tickets since I truly adore these guys and watching them a few meters apart would be really a dream for me plus the hope of bringing my camera in so I could shoot them up close. I wish I could capture their moment here in Manila. I wish people could be more forgiving with photographers like me because we are sometimes treated as terrorists when all we want to do is to take pictures. I really pity the people in the UK who are treated as such.

Anyway, enough of CNN. I will have to figure out a way of getting my camera in. Since I have done that in the last UAAP Season I think we can do it again this time. I just wish my camera would not be confiscated if they see me smuggling it inside hahah!

But darn it I really love THE KILLERS and I'll try my best to shoot them by hook or by crook! =)


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