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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wow, to tell you the truth I haven't seen Ichigo on his show BLEACH but today since I am on a writing rampage I could never help but marvel at how good this series also is. Maybe I need to brush up on my anime education so I could understand the story more. I really had a hard time to get to know this series because they have so many characters. Unlike Naruto who dove in the life of a ninja, this seems like all samurais and mystical beings with powers that emanate from their weapons. It is kinda different than shippuden but there are a couple of similarities. I also like naruto better since they actually grow up and go to different story lines every season. I just did not have time to follow the story because of tons of work over the holidays.

Hmmm... in bad news, there were 2 dead and around 400 injured in the Black Nazarene procession. Eureka, California had a 6.5 Magnitude earthquake. 2 dead people in a fire at Paranaque City. The election gun ban starts today and there are 50,000 police personnel doing checkpoints today. An Abu Sayyaf member was found in Basilan.

Lee Van Corteza and De Luna just won the predator billiards tour. Pacman will defend his title with an unknown guy Clottey in March... yeah I know, who the hell is CLOTTEY! LOL


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