Office Inconvenience

Friday, January 01, 2010

I just came back from the other building to have New Year's Eve dinner. When I came back to my office it was scorching hot. Guess what?! The air conditioning unit bogged down again and it will probably be fixed tomorrow morning when people from the building administration arrive. I could have survived this with electric fans but since my cube looks like a room from a hospital/mental institution, it would be too hot in a couple of minutes. If that does not do anything to me, the humidity is going to kill me. I think it is a little too dry around here. I do not even have a sprayer with me to keep me sane throughout the shift but if I would not be able to work with these conditions, I might consider going to the other building instead.


This has happened in the past and I am pretty used to the ac compressor getting broken which would take them days to order and fix. We do not have facilities or systems which you can depend on line if it happens. I think it would be best if they get organized this year; so this would not happen again. It already is hot outside and it would not be fit to be hot here too.


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