Are You Safe?!

Monday, January 11, 2010

There are pretenders among us and there are those who do not get caught. Just yesterday, I was trying to access my public email address and there was a notice from the provider that my account may have been compromised. I was surprised because at this day and age where portals like them spend thousands of dollars advertising that they are fully secured come to a point where they are vulnerable to attacks like these. I am extremely disappointed about them suddenly making my email a spam bot. It was troublesome because everyone suddenly emailed me back disgruntled that I was doing adult email spamming when all along someone else was using it other than me. A few days ago before that, there were people calling my friends asking for money; telling them that I was in a serious accident and needed it for operation and check up. It was a good thing they know the MODUS OPERANDI of these criminals and never fell into their trap. In a span of a month, I got to be twice a victim of identity theft. It was definitely time to make necessary actions to secure myself from these unscrupulous individuals. I really thought I was safe.

Entities like LifeLock Command Center could have helped me eliminate this from happening. But I am 10,000 miles away from the US right now. With professionals and former hackers helping me out on securing data when I was in data base management, it was really easy for me to manage networks at work. The difference is; they should have employed people who could have been better at this. I shall reclaim my identity and change all my codes now. I will not let them win! Be alert!


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