Somewhere at Starbucks...

Thursday, January 07, 2010

I am sitting here in Starbucks right now with a cup of Dark Cherry Mocha on the side. I think I am just lounging around and finding a muse to write about. Maybe this planner thing is also getting on my nerves too because I still have a long way to go to get that planner that induces puyat. Hahaha I know how it feels to get drugged with caffeine and I need to do that since you need around 24 to get one. I will probably have to drink everyday because the deadline is on the 15th and I will get this by hook or by crook. Why in the world am I always saying that? I don’t want to be a crook LOL

I just saw a couple of friends, and it looks like they are doing the same thing. I wonder how much coffee we already have in our blood. If we go here everyday, we probably consume around 40 percent of our fluids here. Where do we go when we need blood transfusion in the future? Maybe in a different branch; but still Starbucks heheh.

Why are coffee shops in the Philippines treated as social stature requirements? I mean if a guy does not go to these establishments, you probably would be treated differently if your friends go here too. Later on in life we will complain of diabetes and heart conditions because of the tons of coffee we drank here. Is it right to even publicize this? Does the positive effect outnumber the bad in drinking coffee? What do you think we should do in this day and age? Should we create our own brand just like Australia who eventually closed hundreds of shops down under because they have their own brand now?

I wonder if the KAPENG BARAKO would fare nicely against the giants of the coffee labels in the Philippines. There is a big market and we just have not tapped into it yet. Have you thought about not buying that 200 peso cup from Starbucks? Should we or not patronize it? I am not an expert but I think its just expensive… but the ease of drinking with someone preparing it for you is grand! I think that is the one you are paying for. Not just this, but the ambiance too. Anybody planning to treat me coffee today? Just let me know! Hahaha!


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