So, I See!

Friday, January 08, 2010

I told you a couple of posts ago that I had problems with my eyesight and the last thing the doctor told me was I probably am going to be needing spectacles or contact lenses when the time comes. I am a little problematic because I never used prescription glasses before, nor did I ever get to fancy eye wear because most often than not it would never ever fit me. That is the dilemma I am going to face soon because apparently they said I had lazy eyes.

Coming from a 20/20 vision lifestyle I am now encountering new challenges because I could not read clearly on an easy day. I was wondering if ever I was to choose how to deal with this, then eyeglasses would be the next best thing. I think I wrote about places that sell this reasonably. I also read an article (click here) that mentioned I could get them for a better price. I know how expensive it is because my Mom always had to go to eye doctors and pay thousands of pesos just for a single pair almost every year. If establishments would be like ZENNI that take out middle men then eye glasses would be more reasonably priced anywhere in the world. They should follow this example and give people prescription eye wear that makes this place a better world to live in.


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