There Still Are Heroes Among Us

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I am really happy today. Why you ask?!

I'll tell you a story...

My brother went back to Ireland yesterday because his vacation was already up! As much as we wanted him to stay longer I think there are some things he still had to fix in Ireland so he went ahead and got his bags packed and set on the 20th. When I went back home they were still there arguing about what to include in the luggage and there were a couple of things he tried to bring for people in Eire for "pasalubong" purposes. He filled up this huge duffel bag that could even fit me inside it. So its a mixture of clothes, shoes, stuff from Bohol and a couple of goodies from the local grocer. He carries this in and out of the country and it is quite convenient since you can push it around as it has small sturdy wheels on it too. When we said our goodbyes I never got to accompany him to the airport anymore since the seats were full and Mum and Dad would probably be the best to go with him that time. They got on around 10:30 I think and used this pickup truck my Uncle lent them since our van was barred from traveling in a number coding scheme implemented by the government. About 30 or 40 minutes passed, I received a call from my Mom (and this was where I felt something was definitely wrong) she said my brother's bag is missing. It fell off somewhere in EDSA (but it could be anywhere from our house to Ortigas!) and they tried going around circles but could not find the bag anymore. They knew someone probably picked it up and we were frantic trying to at least find it but my brother's flight was already coming. It was noon when they decided to just leave it and go back to the airport. I was really worried because now, he did not have any clothes to wear once he goes back to Ireland. Just the few old clothes he left there and the one on his back. Good thing he had his papers on another bag or else his ticket and trip would be compromised. But just the same we were all very depressed that day because of the incident and we were still hoping to have that bag recovered. He left a sad boy, and so were we.

I tweeted, posted on facebook, told DZMM, DZBB, Love Radio 90.7 and everyone that could help even the police where they even said that we should not be hopeful it would still be returned anymore. I know how it is in the Philippines and probably anyone can attest to this; that sometimes Filipinos tend to not return things like that because of poverty and all the things unrighteous to men.

Today, I was listening to DZMM teleradyo (Radio and Cable TV broadcast) but turned off the TV because I was trying not to be depressed by it and get some sleep. Then just a few minutes after, my Dad suddenly came upstairs (since we live in a 2 story house) and told me that the bag was found. People from DZMM got the bag from a guy who lived in a Barangay close to us. I was ecstatic!

Imagine after all that drama, a good samaritan gave it to DZMM, then they announced it. Mom and Dad claimed it this afternoon. I guess there are still some good people in the Philippines. It is something to be optimistic about us PINOYS and our good heart! At least there are some who still choose to be good at this day and age. I will let you know about this guy tomorrow and I will post his pictures in this article so I could at least let you guys know who this hero is. Thank you! Thank you! We can't thank you enough kind sir!


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