Shopping with Folks

Friday, January 08, 2010

This day was super tiring. After going out at 7am from the office I wrote some articles for my site until the afternoon then we went out to see the dentist afterward. As if the day was not done yet, they got me to go to SM Megamall and Shangrila for shopping. It was nice to do that but imagine I haven't slept yet since yesterday afternoon too! I've been awake for like 32 hours straight and I feel my feet numbing a bit while walking. Yes that is how I feel, a dead man walking.

Surely it looks tough... because it definitely is. I bought my self a couple of things though. One is the shoes that would go with the Avel Bacudio outfit I'm gonna have on Tuesday. I also have gone out with folks so that means we also kinda bonded even if I didn't realize it. I love how the day ended because I got to enjoy the whole Friday itself. I never get to spend it this way before and even if I am constantly tired and asking each other silly stuff I want to still do it with my folks no matter how mushy that sounds. =)


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