Any Suggestions?!

Sunday, January 03, 2010

I went out last night with friends and I was really happy I got to see them again because the last time we wrecked the metro was last October. I think I was really too busy with photography that I forgot about them. Not that it is a bad thing but I guess I was too pre occupied with it. I have a lot of things to do today including finishing the photo I need to submit to the office so they can put my face everywhere since they gave me the MOE award LOL.

As for the stuff I need to learn, apart from the new techniques in photoshop, I need to also learn the things concerned with video editing and presentations. I need to also learn layouts of wedding albums since I will put up a portfolio.. I need to print it out too and that might cost me a lot. The layout should also be easily modifiable since I will probably use it on other weddings after that. Maybe I'll save it on original psd format so the only thing that I will do is copy and paste the pictures afterwards. That would be neat! Can you suggest sites where I can get them?! Thanks!



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