Hawaii Slip and Fall Lawyer

Monday, January 04, 2010

I wonder how he is today. You guys probably know that I did not grow up knowing a grandfather right? Don't ask me why but it is a very long story that could span around 4 decades and generations of pain and anguish for our family. It is somewhat incomplete not knowing if I had one or if I ever had anything close to a relative like that. I heard stories when I was a little boy but none of my siblings even knew if they were true.

After the death of my Grandmother, my Dad suddenly reconnected ties with 4 of his of his sisters. The deal is all along I knew that he only had brothers. They were actually from the second family of my Grandfather and more stories suddenly resurfaced.

My Grandfather got into an accident in a mall in the Los Angeles; and it was about when he fell and broke his shoulder, a couple of ribs in an escalator because the thing did not stop when the thing ate parts of his clothes. That was really painful to even hear.

He got a lawyer and sued the mall because of this negligence and got rewarded an ample amount of money. It was an ordeal he should have never gone through because of technical negligence. There are people also that can defend you for cases like these like the Hawaii Slip and Fall Lawyer I read off in the Internet from West OAHU. They have the best people who specialize in cases like these; and they could get you well compensated for any matter related to these freak accidents which no one should suffer from. I wonder how he is today?! I never heard from him since last year and I hope no one goes through the same ordeal he went through. It was really tough and we got so worried about him. He is a little old but I am glad I knew I had one all along.


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