Office Mishaps

Saturday, January 30, 2010

I was making reports last Monday and I was really not in the mood. Imagine a whole month's worth of report needs to be merged into one. I also need to show the relationship of this current data from the previous ones in daily, monthly, yearly and fiscal granularity. I have taken extra Canon Printer Ink Cartridges from the Administration Department because I will be printing out almost a hundred pages and a couple more excel sheets. My boss will be surprised how big the document size is and considering the photos I have stored in the drive I might not be able to squeeze in this one unless I delete old ones immediately. I need major organization to happen too and I probably am able to do that via the date of modification. I wish I had more time.

I sent it but it was getting lots of errors even if I already divided the files by batch. I estimated around 6 huge ZIP files might be able to do the trick but there were header errors when I tried to open the attachments. My boss needed it within the day so I had no choice. I reconfigured connections on a fresh installed pc and it went through after a few tries. I was so elated my files reached him in time. I will prepare better before the next month's report so I won't go through the same ordeal again. Do you know anyone willing to help me with this?! Let me know!


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