Learning from the Past

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It is quite saddening to see that there is a rampant increase of road rage in the country. I saw 2 of them indicated in the news paper today and if you think about it, there are even a lot men and women too that are involved in car accidents each day. It is a nightmare to manage this in Manila because of the monstrous traffic that has horrified countless human lives but I already learned to live with it. You treat it as normal as possible so you would not go insane in these conditions. You are lucky if you have motor trade insurance but not everybody is blessed with that privilege. Sometimes I understand that only the rich can afford it in this country and I hope that situation takes a different turn this year.

If there would be something I would like to change in the current structure and system in this country I would like to start seeing us complying with international standards. Maybe make the newly elected President would take action on this after the May elections. Or maybe lessen the importations of second hand cars that would endanger us and help stick with what local producers can provide; because in the long run it would be beneficial for both us drivers and the riding public. I know it is an ailing industry and the time to make necessary action to improve things is now. I would not want my kid's future be controlled by a few rich businessmen who only want to earn a buck or two when car safety is on the line.

Accidents happen but if I know how to manage finances and pay for small insurance premiums that would get my family safe then I should never worry. If ever it occurs sometime in the near future, then I would save a lot from what could make me bankrupt in an instant. Third party liability types which are required now never meant that it would obviously cover everything so we have to think big. I want to feel safe and the last thing that I would want to hear is that I need to pay for something more because insurance did not cover it. An unfortunate incident did happen to me a couple of years ago; when I got my car 50% wrecked and I really learned a lot from it. You guys should too!


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