The Art of Moving

Monday, January 11, 2010

As you can see, moving here in the Philippines is totally different. It is triple hard I guess and everything is informal. Even if you do not know people they will try so hard to still help what ever and where ever they can. Movers come in different packages and in Manila; it is so primitive that they just dump everything on 6 to 10 wheeler trucks. From Cabinets, Drawers, whole beds, tables, chairs and ship anchors are just but a regular site to see. It emanated from a local term BAYANIHAN which literally means heroism. In regular terms, it is how people help other people. It is inculcated in our culture but it would be nice if there are corporations that do this professionally. Who would want their things missing all of a sudden when moving from one apartment to the other anyway?!

People should start being civilized and the way to do it is by handling things with care. I remember the time when I helped my Aunt move from East of Manila to another city in the South; she was already packing lots of clutter and the movers thought it was trash. There were actually antique items from the 30's and 40's on the packages and they almost had thrown it out. Imagine thousands of Philippine pesos worth of designer furniture almost ended up just thrown away by people who do not know what they were doing. That could have spelled disaster and loss of property already. Sometimes we should never let other people handle what we treasure because they are not capable enough to handle educated decisions. The question is; are there moving services in the Philippines that can do this?! I guess not!

There are no institutions here like HIREAHELPER which handles people who know what they are specifically doing. From landscaping, moving, cleaning and everyday labor; the list goes on with the expertise they can handle. With that, I hope these moving companies try to reach out in this part of the globe so we get the same services they have in the United States. It would really be a big relief on a very burdensome task for regular people like us. I envy they have professionals who can do this in the US. If you need to, just make sure you give them a call. You'll end up happier in that new home you love!


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