Business Regrets

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Some of you may not know but I have lots of relatives in California. They were the ones that originally had me think about migrating to the US when I was younger but I did not do anything about it anymore because I still have my family here. At that time when the US Gulf War was happening and it really was not that attractive to go there at all. My cousins put up their businesses there too and consequently I work for people in IRVINE as well. They wanted me to help them run it since I am quite the whiz kid way back in the 90's. I have a lot of things to finish before I can decide on that but it literally dissipated because I was already too old to apply after all that drama.

Today, even without my help the business they have grew and now has several branches in Daly City, LOS ANGELES and San Francisco. Even if you looked them up on california business search engines their names would prominently display on top. Getting the work ethic that they have into the business they ran in the US; they never had problems at all because more investors came in and planned franchising so they continued growth this year. I just wish I had the guts to go there when I was younger so I could have amassed what they have now on their big grocery stores.

Sometimes I do regret things in life but I am still happy that they are successful business owners now. I would like to try out opening one of my own here locally so it would be like a sub branch from the US. That would be a great idea to pursue!


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